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If you are looking for trusted plumbers, builders, electricians or waterproofers – we have separated the good from the bad. Being in the industry for many years, we have built a strong rapport with trusted and well-renown tradies from all over Sydney. Whether it’s to install a new bath tub, toilet or vanity – or to renovate the whole bathroom, we have just the right person for you.

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What to consider when designing the perfect bathroom…

  • Storage – Remembering to include storage in your bathroom is on top of the list of important stuff! A functional vanity with drawers and/or cupboards will ensure there is a place for all your family needs.
  • Plan an efficient layout – Although it’s most cost-effective to layout your sink, toilet and shower along one wall, however, it’s very limited. Try to use up the space you have. If you have a separate WC and bathroom, perhaps you can combine the rooms to make it a larger bathroom.
  • Bathroom Mirrors and Lighting – Ideally you should plan your mirror to be around the lighting to eliminate shadows. Consider having a light on each side of the mirror and one above too.
  • Baths – If you’re considering not including a bath in your bathroom renovation, think again. Having a bath will increase the sale price of your home when you decide to sell, or if you’re renting you’ll attract more buyers. You can even make your bath your statement piece.